Our Philosophy 

We believe that golf can serve as a conduit for life-long connections and personal growth. Led by this philosophy, we envision BYRD to be the meeting point for golf’s most passionate, like-minded players. Our four core principles guide and inspire the kind of culture we wish to foster and will serve as the foundation for achieving this vision. 


Our journeys are ongoing. We are relentless in the pursuit of evolving through each new game and experience, becoming better players and people every day. 


Connection is the heart of humanity. We are curious about those we encounter and extend the same warmth, openness, and kindness to every member of our community. 


We foster a culture of mutual respect and actively seek to understand and appreciate each other, creating a space where everyone feels heard and supported. 


Diversity drives us forward. We embrace the unique differences of our inclusive community to create an environment where each member feels welcomed and valued.