Membership Guidelines

Code of conduct

The BYRD Code of Conduct applies to all members and theirguests interacting within the BYRD community.

BYRD provides access to social golf competitions and gatherings in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that does not discriminate against gender, age, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation or disability.

In Simple Words
  • Act with integrity and uphold your reputation and that of BYRD.
  • Always respect member confidentiality and privacy.
  • Do not solicit members unless invited to do so.
  • Avoid behavior that reflects adversely on BYRD or other members by their association with you.
  • Encourage open sharing of ideas and perspectives.
  • Do not share member-specific content outside of BYRD. This includes the privacy of members’ personal and confidential information.
  • Adhere to the non-solicitation policy by not attempting to sell products or services or raise funds from others on an unsolicited basis. This includes business, charitable, and political causes, however worthy.
  • Treat BYRD Members and the BYRD team - with the highest respect, and a mutual spirit of goodwill.
Enforcing the Code

Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests within the BYRD community. Undesirable behavior contrary to this code has the potential to harm the BYRD reputation and the reputations of members by their association with BYRD.

Violations of this code could result in a loss of membership.

BYRD will not intervene or engage in any private disputes between members, including, but not limited to disputes arising from business transactions. It is up to members not to bring these personal or business conflicts into the BYRD community.

Reporting Code of Conduct Violations

Potential violations of the BYRD Code of Conduct should be immediately reported to the BYRD Team. They will be handled on a strictly confidential basis.